Wear Miu Miu Sunglasses and Make a Strong Fashion Statement

Prada has been a well known fashion house in Italy since 1913 and they started out dealing in leather goods. The company was started by Mario Prada and since 1913 has been synonymous with style and taste. In 1992, Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia decided to give the company a boost and she expanded Prada as she launched her own clothing line under the name Miu Miu. Miuccia aimed her line towards the younger generation and one of the best things about it is that it is less expensive than its parent company, Prada.
Like the rest of the Prada line, MiuMiu’s products are made of high quality material and are very popular with the younger crowd. That includes their line of Miu Miu designer sunglasses. They are all equipped with 100 percent UV protection, and in an effort to promote green awareness, MiuMiu – as well as Prada – use organic plastic for their lenses. Of course, this is one of the reasons why the Miu Miu line of sunglasses cost so much, but if you are environmentally aware, then the cost is not an issue.
Even though many of our best known femail celebrities wear MiuMiu sunglasses, there are lots of styles in the line that are appropriate for men or are simply unisex. Some of the styles are sports goggles, perfect for the active lifestyle, and frames range from metal to plastic. All of these designer sunglasses carry the MiuMiu logo along the arm and they are definitely the current trend in fashion. From wraparound black lenses to the fancier ladies style frames with pretty multicolored designs in the corners, Miu Miu sunglasses are for the hip crowd who care about how they look.
True Prada Miu Miu sunglasses will come with a certificate that authenticates them, so if they do not have this little piece of paper with them they are not true Mius. As mentioned earlier, these are also the less expensive items on the Prada line, and a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses will set you back between $70 and $300. But if you are looking for something that’s a little different from the usual designer brands, Mui Mui sunglasses are the way to go.

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