The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

When it comes to the act of fishing, any serious fisherman will tell you that wearing polarized sunglasses is a must, especially for anglers who “sight fish” in any way. This would include ultralight trout fishermen, fly fishermen, many bass fishermen, saltwater flats anglers and generally anyone who want to have the ability to see into the water that they are fishing, rather than having to deal with the glare that is produced by the sun refracting off of the water that you are attempting to catch fish in.
The choices when it comes to polarized sunglasses for fishing can be as vast as the options available on a new car, but the fact of the matter is for the serious angler a quality pair of polarized glasses is something that they need to have. The key word in this statement is quality, because every pair of inexpensive ($20 or less) polarized sunglasses that I have ever come in contact with weren’t worth the cheap plastic they were manufactured from. The point is that if a little more money is invested into a quality pair of polarized fishing glasses they will not only look and perform well, they will also last for many years of fishing. I know this fact from personal experience, because I followed this advice six years ago and invested $120 in a pair of polarized glasses that I use to this very day every time that I go fishing.
While the best polarized sunglasses for fishing are going to vary from individual to individual depending on his or her favorite species and style of fishing, below I am going to outline a few of the more popular and effective choices available to anglers.
Typhoon Polarized Glasses – Equipped with AquaView Hydrophobic Polarized technology, the lenses in Typhoon Sunglasses are nothing short of amazing. They easily repel water, cancel particle-attracting static and resist oily fingerprints. Typhoon makes quality polarized fishing glasses that are surprisingly affordable as well.

Wiley X Fishing Glasses – Bold styling, the light- and wind-reducing wide temples, tand no-slip rubberized nose grips coupled with virtually unbreakable triloid-nylon frames. Wiley X has many models of quality fishing glasses that will fit right in no matter what style of fishing that you prefer most. While these glasses are a bit more expensive, they are worth every penny and last for a very long time.

Smith Action Optics – Smiths optics polarized glasses are designed from an angler’s perspective to provide the finest in performance, fit, comfort and style. Frames utilize the finest in design, materials and workmanship. Smith lenses use our superior Tapered Lens Technology™ for all-day optical comfort and clarity. While these are the most expensive option being outlined here, they are by far some of the highest quality polarized fishing glasses on the market today.
The bottom line is that if you are in the market for the best polarized sunglasses for fishing the best choice could very well be among the aforementioned choices.

UV Blocker Contact Lenses – Protecting Your Eyes

UV rays from sun light, salt in sea water and chlorine in pools are regarded as the common causes of eye stress, and daily exposure to sun’s UV rays is thought by lots of eye doctors to be the most significant eye stress.
But we live to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy swimming, and we are unavoidable to meet those problems. What should we do to protect our eyes and at the same time enjoy the world? Don’t worry! There are goggles, hats and sunglasses for preventing any harm to eyes. If you decide to go outdoors, you can take all the protective tools with you. Moreover, contact lenses with UV protection are now coming to the market, bringing great convenience and fashion.
Being different from the common contacts, the lens material of the UV blocker contacts is combined with an ultraviolet blocker, which can prevent harmful UV rays to the eyes, thus reducing the likelihood of eye stress, eye damage and cataracts. The material seems invisible by naked eyes, and can only be seen by large magnification, which means you eyes see as clearly as you do before. Nothing blocks your view. But the traditional sunglasses cannot be completely substituted by UV prevention contacts till now, and there are still large improvements on this kind of contacts.
After developing for some time, there are various kinds of lens on the market, from the top to the unknown brands. Acuvue Moist brand, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, receives great popularity among customers, and their contacts are available either at retailer or online. You can try other reputable contacts brands too. But, one point that you should remember is before you buy the UV prevention contacts, you are recommended to have a careful check on your eyes to get the prescription and know if you are suitable for contacts.
Summer is a season full of vitality, and we are sure to enjoy the lovely season. Summer is also a season full of danger, such as strong sunshine to hurt eyes and skin. But once we have the sunglasses or the new UV prevention contacts, we do not have to worry about the potential risks of sunshine. We are free to play outdoors to enjoy the beautiful world bathed in sunshine.

Wear Miu Miu Sunglasses and Make a Strong Fashion Statement

Prada has been a well known fashion house in Italy since 1913 and they started out dealing in leather goods. The company was started by Mario Prada and since 1913 has been synonymous with style and taste. In 1992, Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia decided to give the company a boost and she expanded Prada as she launched her own clothing line under the name Miu Miu. Miuccia aimed her line towards the younger generation and one of the best things about it is that it is less expensive than its parent company, Prada.
Like the rest of the Prada line, MiuMiu’s products are made of high quality material and are very popular with the younger crowd. That includes their line of Miu Miu designer sunglasses. They are all equipped with 100 percent UV protection, and in an effort to promote green awareness, MiuMiu – as well as Prada – use organic plastic for their lenses. Of course, this is one of the reasons why the Miu Miu line of sunglasses cost so much, but if you are environmentally aware, then the cost is not an issue.
Even though many of our best known femail celebrities wear MiuMiu sunglasses, there are lots of styles in the line that are appropriate for men or are simply unisex. Some of the styles are sports goggles, perfect for the active lifestyle, and frames range from metal to plastic. All of these designer sunglasses carry the MiuMiu logo along the arm and they are definitely the current trend in fashion. From wraparound black lenses to the fancier ladies style frames with pretty multicolored designs in the corners, Miu Miu sunglasses are for the hip crowd who care about how they look.
True Prada Miu Miu sunglasses will come with a certificate that authenticates them, so if they do not have this little piece of paper with them they are not true Mius. As mentioned earlier, these are also the less expensive items on the Prada line, and a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses will set you back between $70 and $300. But if you are looking for something that’s a little different from the usual designer brands, Mui Mui sunglasses are the way to go.

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

In early times, sunglasses were barely useful for the purpose of keeping out the brightness of the sun. Bits of smoked quartz held by hand, and then later held to the face by a crude frame, they were hardly the practical fashion accessory that they have become today. Yet with the invention of the polarized lens, by Edwin H. Land, sunglasses went from keeping out the sun to keeping our eyesight healthy by blocking out harmful UV rays. To understand what a polarized lens is, we need to understand how polarized sunglasses work.
In the 1930’s the Army Air Corp approached a well known company, Bausch and Lomb, to research and develop an anti-glare style sunglasses for pilots. They came up with a design that made the frame slightly droop to maximize shielding of the pilots eyes. Then they incorporated a dark green tint which would absorb the yellow band of the light spectrum. The dark green tint filters and diffuses the concentrated light waves, which eliminates 99% of reflecting glare. The end result is a reduction of annoying and /or dangerous glare.
The way in which the polarized lens works to assist your sight is that it blocks the horizontally polarized light from a surface with a vertically oriented polarizer that is integrated into the lens. Surfaces such as still water, flat pavement, or even glass and shiny metals can reflect a large amount of light into the eyes which makes it difficult to focus properly on the surface and the items around it. This can cause a person to be distracted or even not see items that become hidden behind the bright light. Using polarized sunglasses removes the glare by bouncing it off your sunglasses allowing you to actually see through the glare.
Sometimes polarized lenses may react poorly with LCD (liquid crystal display) lighting commonly found in car dashboards or on bank machine displays at automated tellers. In fact, depending on the angle of the screen display, the LCD display can become almost invisible. This is of course is something that needs to be explored before sitting behind the wheel of your car.
Polarized sunglasses are no longer just for pilots or drivers. They are now part of an ever growing group of sports enthusiasts for many types of sports events including many outdoor winter activities such as skiing. However, polarized lenses sometimes do not work well on reflective snow surfaces, so be sure to try out the sunglasses you plan to use for your outdoor snow day activities.
A Test for Polarized Lenses
If you wish to test your sunglasses to make sure they are actually polarized, find a surface that is reflecting a large amount of light such as a still lake on a sunny day. Find the brightest or most reflective part of the lake’s surface, and then put on your polarized sunglasses and look at the same area of the lake. While looking at the spot, turn your head to the right and left observing any differences. If you see that the lens gets light and then dark or, that there is a significant reduction in the glare, you have confirmed that your sunglasses are polarized.
There are also polarized photo-chromic lenses now on the market that are capable of changing the amount of light they let in. This is a great asset for people who are frequently in and out of shaded areas or in and out of buildings during the course of the day.
With the increased health risks associated with UV rays, polarized sunglasses are a healthy choice for everyone.