Wearing Sunglasses at Night

In the wake of a world filled with social media and movie idol obsession, many people look to their favorite celebrity for fashion tips. However, sometimes this is not the best approach. Often, celebrities take their fame as a license to go against all known fashion tips. They will often forge their own perception of style and impose it upon the world. This sometimes creates new fashion crazes that are welcomed and accepted, but other times the fads are ridiculous and make all participants look like morons.
In recent years, wearing sunglasses at night has become increasingly popular. This practice was spawned by numerous hip hop artists and celebrities wearing sunglasses while going out to nightclubs. For many celebrities, wearing sunglasses is an essential part of every outfit no matter what the time of day, but this is not necessarily the case for us common folk.
There are a few practical reasons for celebrities to wear sunglasses at night. At nightclubs, often times there are lurking paparazzi looking to take photos of highly intoxicated celebs. Wearing sunglasses in these situations not only makes the celebrities less noticeable by obscuring their faces, but it also helps to conceal their eyes which is helpful for covering up the visual effects of drugs and alcohol. In addition, many sunglass companies discretely sponsor certain artists and celebrities, and these agreements typically hold that the sponsor must wear the specific brand of sunglasses out when they are partying. This essentially turns the accessory from a fashion statement into a career move.
As discussed, celebrities do have various reasons to wear their sunglasses at night. However, their fans have fewer reasons. It is generally accepted at most nightclubs that men and women can wear sunglasses at night. In this setting, it is usually okay; that is, if you are comfortable with the connotations that come alongside it. In certain atmospheres, some people may label you for wearing sunglasses at night. This can either be a good or bad label depending on the setting. Some men and women do admit that they feel it is attractive for members of the opposite sex to wear them, but some also argue the exact opposite.
Regardless of what you believe, there are situations when sunglasses should never be worn at night. Outside of a nightclub or rave, it is probably tasteless and tacky. At any formal gathering, especially those with family or close friends, wearing sunglasses at night is not okay. These environments are not suitable and it is considered disrespectful to wear them in these classier settings. Additionally, you obviously would not want to drive at night while wearing sunglasses, even if the glare of oncoming headlights bothers your eyes.
Overall, the acceptability of wearing sunglasses at night depends on the situation. If you are planning to spend a night on the town going from nightclub to nightclub, it is permissible and acceptable. However, if you are at any other occasion, or behind the wheel, it is simply not okay to ever put sunglasses on after the sun has set.